Hourly Rates ( € 55 the hour ):

Each Illustration / Animation is its own puzzle. The more complex the
task the more time is required to fulfill it.
So prices can vary see example Gallery


Likes: Latex, Rubber, Catsuits, Gasmask, Sensual Play, Intimacy, Kissing, Bondage, Breathplay, Fashion, Design, Sci fi Fetish

Dislikes: Fantasy, Vanilla Sex, Excessive Penetration

No Go: Rape, Noncon, Blood, Vore, Minors, Scat, Warhammer

Its always good to already have an Idea in mind when contacting me.

Bailout clause:

If a commission goes sideways due to conflicting interests and we end up disagreeing I’ll give you back all the money but I won’t share the results. You are not allowed to share or post any progress pictures.

Transfer Fees:

All transfer fees are to be covered by the commissioner

Recurring Commissioners:

We already worked together, and established a relationship of trust.
I still prefere to be paid fully upon delivery,but if we need to figure out a payment plan to realize the project, we will find a solution.

New Commissioners:

~50% of the estimated Commission Cost has to be paid up Front
~50% on delivery

Optional Free Bonus Content:

If the Project is appealing to me, there is a chance that I‘ll work an extended alt package which I‘ll sell online.

Most of the times these Alternative versions take two or 3 times as much time as the commission itself. You’ll get all these for FREE but you are not allowed to publish or share them online.

This helps me make an additional product and earnings and gives you the chance of getting free content.


Please contact me via one of my socialmedia platforms or discord > carboncats_lukas